10 Oldest Horse In The World 

oldest horse

Are you ready to know who is the oldest horse in the world? The average lifespan of a domesticated horse is 25 to 33 years, longer than most other domesticated animals. Some of the horses are recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and are also commemorated in museums. You have a 28-year-old horse … Read more

4 Oldest Koi Fish In The World 

oldest koi fish

If you thinking about what is the oldest Koi fish then you come to the right place. Koi, or more specifically Nishikigoi, are colorful varieties of Amur carp that are kept in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens for decorative purposes. There are more than 100 varieties of koi produced through breeding and each variety … Read more

Top 8 Oldest Living Dog In The World

oldest living dog

Are you curious to know about the oldest living dog in the world? We all know that our beloved dogs don’t live long. There are many claims on the internet that one breed lasts longer than the other. However, the oldest animals of some very popular breeds actually lived close to each other’s age. What … Read more

Top 10 Oldest Cat In the World 

oldest cat

If you are a cat lover then you must know what is the oldest cat. We think this list might surprise you, on average, cats have a lifespan of 12-18 years. In modern history, there have been many cats that have enjoyed long lives. They are family members who have been loved by their families … Read more