Lsoru Reviews: Is It a Scam Or Legit Site

Carlos Baker

Lsoru Reviews

What are the lsoru reviews for their product and service? Now there are many e-commerce websites to purchase a variety of products but the question is which ones are safe and legit. One of these websites is lsoru. Let us have a look at it.

What Is

Lsoru is a website that has clothing products for ladies’ wear. They have a variety of products like tops, pants, one-piece, two-piece, summer wear, winter wear, and much more. They commit to delivering their customers a top-quality product as shown on their website. 

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Lsoru Reviews

Lsoru Reviews

Many users have reviewed the website saying that they did not receive what they were committed to. Some of the customers have quality issues whereas some have complained of receiving the product weeks after they order the product. 

Some of the customers are also satisfied with the products but the number of such customers is lesser. 

There are also such customers that have an issue with the refund where they have either not received the amount or it has been delayed too much.

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Is Lsoru.Com A Scam Or A Legitimate Site?

Is Lsoru.Com A Scam Or A Legitimate Site

According to the website, the website has a legitimate score of 58.7 out of 100 . This makes the website on a scale where it is on medium risk. 

This means the website should be used with caution. Before you order anything you should go through the details, terms, and conditions properly. You should also go through their refund policy. 


Although every customer or user has their own personal experience with a product or website Lsoru also has the same. However, I have found that many customers are not satisfied with the products and services they have received. So is you are looking forward to buying something from here go ahead with caution. Have a deep look at the product, terms, conditions, and refund and payment policies. 


Where Is Lsoru Based?

Lsoru is an e-commerce website where they sell clothes for females. They have a variety of ranges and choices. They commit to giving their customers high-quality and timely delivery.

Where Is Lsoru Located?

Lsoru is located in Iceland.

How to contact Lsoru?

Lsoru does not have any contact info on their website they just provide an email ID to contact them. “” is the email ID and they say that they will reply to you via email from this email ID.