10 Oldest Baseball Player 

If you are looking for the oldest baseball player then you come to the right place. People often say that age is nothing but a number, but it’s a statistic that major leaguers are dwindling as they approach the inevitability of retirement. You know you’re getting older when you realize you’re the same age as Baseball players. Unlike other professional sports, baseball players often debut in their mid-twenties and have short careers. However, exceptional players often have long careers, which is true for almost everyone on this list. So let’s start our today’s topic of the oldest baseball player.   

List Of 10 Oldest Baseball Player 

In the below list of the oldest baseball player, here I mention some players’ names according to their age. 

  1. Minnie Minoso
  2. Nick Altrock
  3. Hoyt Wilhelm
  4. Satchel Paige 
  5. Charlie O’Leary
  6. Candy Jim Taylor
  7. Jack Quinn
  8. Albert Pujols
  9. Rich Hill
  10. Adam Wainwright

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Top 10 Oldest Baseball Player

From the above list of the oldest baseball player, there are 10 MLB players. Let’s know more about them.

  1. Minnie Minoso

Minnie Minoso

Age – 91 Years

Orestes Minnie Minoso was a Cuban professional baseball player who was born on November 29, 1923 and died in 2015, making him the oldest baseball player ever. In 1946 he satrted his baseball career in the Negro Leagues and became an All-Star third baseman with the New York Cubans.

  1. Nick Altrock

Nick Altrock 

Age – 89 Years

Are you wondering who is the oldest baseball player? Nicholas Altrock, better known as Nick, was an American professional baseball player and coach who was born on September 15, 1876, and died in 1965. He played as a left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball between 1898 and 1919 and continued to play regularly as a pinch hitter for several years after the 1919 season.

  1. Hoyt Wilhelm

Hoyt Wilhelm

Age – 80 Years

James Hoyt Wilhelm, better known as Old Sarge, was an American baseball pitcher from 1952 to 1972 with the New York Giants and several other teams. He lived in Sarasota, Florida for many years and died in 2002. Wilhelm won 124 games in relief, which is still the Major Baseball League record.

  1. Satchel Paige

Satchel Paige 

Age – 76 Years

Leroy Robert Satchel Paige was an American professional baseball pitcher who played in the NLB and MLB, born on 7 July 1906. He began his professional baseball career with the Chattanooga Black Lookouts of the Negro Southern League in 1926 and became one of the most famous and successful players in the Negro Leagues. A right-handed pitcher from 1924 to 1926, Paige first played for the semi-professional Mobile Tigers.

  1. Charlie O’Leary

Charlie O'Leary

Age – 66 Years

Charles Timothy O’Leary was an American professional baseball shortstop who played eleven seasons with the Detroit Tigers and several other teams. O’Leary was the oldest baseball player to retire by the Browns on September 30, 1934, a few weeks short of his 59th birthday.

  1. Candy Jim Taylor

Candy Jim Taylor

Age – 64 Years

James Allen Candy Jim Taylor was an American third baseman and manager in Negro Leagues baseball. In 1920, the year the Golden Age of Negro League Baseball began, he would take over as manager, where he would manage 1,967 games for twelve teams. It also has the most seasons managed by an African American manager, including seventh in baseball history.

  1. Jack Quinn

Jack Quinn

Age – 62 Years

John Picus Jack Quinn was a Slovak-American professional and the oldest player in baseball who was born in 1883 and died in 1946. He played as a pitcher for eight teams in three major leagues, most notably as a member of the Philadelphia Athletics dynasty that won three consecutive American League pennants from 1929 to 1931. He won the World Series in 1929 and 1930 and made his final major league appearance at age 50.

  1. Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols

Age – 42 Years

José Alberto Pujols Alcantara is a Dominican-American professional baseball first baseman, designated hitter for the St. Louis Cardinals, and the oldest baseball player alive. He played his first 11 seasons in MLB for the Cardinals, then spent nine more with the Los Angeles Angels before joining the Los Angeles Dodgers for half a season. Then returning to the Cardinals in 2022, which he said would be his final season.

  1. Rich Hill

Rich Hill

Age – 42 Years

Richard Joseph Hill is an American professional baseball pitcher known as Dick Mountain and the oldest baseball player right now playing for the Boston Red Sox of the MLB. He played college baseball for the Michigan Wolverines. He is the only pitcher in Major League history to have a perfect game broken up by a fielding error in the 9th inning.

  1. Adam Wainwright

Adam Wainwright

Age – 41 Years

Adam Parrish Wainwright is an American professional baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals of MLB who was born in 1981 and is another oldest active MLB player. Wainwright made his MLB debut in 2005 and spent the rest of the season as a relief pitcher. His performance in the minor leagues made him one of the Braves top pitching prospects.

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Who Played Baseball At The Oldest Age?

Satchel Paige

This is a list of oldest Major League Baseball players. Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization in North America. The oldest person ever to play in the MLB was Satchel Paige, who, at the age of 59, made one token major league appearance twelve years after his Major League career had ended.

What’s The Longest Baseball Game Ever Played?

The Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Guardians played the longest MLB game in 2022 on September 17. The game lasted 5 hours and 24 minutes across 15 innings, with Cleveland finally winning after Austin Hedges scored on a fielding error at first base. Incredibly, this was on the day of a doubleheader between the two clubs.

How Long Is A Baseball Players Career?

Career Length for Professional Baseball Players
The average service time in the majors is 5.6 years, according to a study cited by the New York Times. Some careers last no more than a few games. A mere one percent of players remains in the majors for 20 years or more.

What Age Do Baseball Players Retire?


That means the average professional athlete will likely retire before they hit age 30; according to the RBC research, the average retirement age for MLB players is 29.5, followed by 28.2 for players in the NHL, 28 for NBA players, and 27.6 for NFL players.

What Are Baseball Players Called?

batsman, batter, hitter, slugger. (baseball) a ballplayer who is batting.

Has Any MLB Player Played All 162 Games?

Then again, a full 162 has always been rare in Queens; only Félix Millan in 1975 and John Olerud in 1999 have achieved the feat for the Mets. If anyone has a chance to join that club in 2022, it’s Pete Alonso. During his rookie season, Alonso became the seventh player in franchise history to appear in 161 games.


We have discussed a nice article about baseball players and I have explained to you some details about them like how old they are, their date of birth, where they come from, and shortly regarding their baseball career. More than half of the MLB players on this post were in their 50s when they played their last game, while others played their last game at 49. I hope you have no questions about them and are satisfied after reading this post about the oldest baseball player. 

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