Top 11 Oldest Celebrities In The World 

Get prepared the learn about the oldest Celebrities in the world. It may be hard to believe, but many celebrities born at the beginning of the 20th century are still alive today. This list of longest-living celebrities includes Academy Award-winning actors and actresses, fashion icons, and world-renowned violinists. Who are the oldest celebrities? Although their lives and careers differed, one thing they all have in common is that they have lived for over a century and made a lasting impact in their respective industries. In this post, we will look at the oldest celebrities.  

List Of 11 Oldest Celebrities 

In the below oldest celebrities I mention here some celebrities’ names according to their age.  

  1. Ruthie Tompson
  2. Renee Simonot
  3. Norman Lloyd
  4. Mary Ward
  5. Marsha Hunt
  6. Elisabeth Waldo
  7. Caren Marsh-Doll
  8. Nehemiah Persoff
  9. Iris Apfel
  10. Betty White
  11. William Daniels

After reading the  list of oldest living celebrities  let us also know some important information about them.

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Top 11 Oldest Celebrities

From the upper list of the oldest celebrities, there are the 11 top celebrities. Let’s know more about them.

  1. Ruthie Tompson

Ruthie Tompson

Age – 111 Years

Ruth Irene Tompson is an old celebrity female born on 22 July 1910, she was an American camera technician, animation checker, and supercentenarian. She became famous for her work on animated features at The Walt Disney Company and was named a Disney Legend in 2000. She passed away in 2021 at the age of 111 years.

  1. Renee Simonot

Renee Simonot

Age – 109 Years

Jeanne Renee Deneuve professionally known as Renee Jeanne Simonot was a French actress and voice artist, and she was born on 10 September 1911. Simonot began her theater career at the age of 7 and continued acting for the next 28 years. As of 2021, she was the oldest living celebrity and on 11 July 2021, she died.

  1. Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd

Age – 106 Years 

Norman Nathan Lloyd was an American actor, producer, and director whose career in entertainment spanned nearly a century. He is the oldest male actor who was born on 8 November 1914, and he died on 11 May 2021. With a career that began in 1923, he worked in every major facet of the industry, including theater, radio, television, and film.

  1. Mary Ward

Mary Ward

Age – 106 Years 

Mary Lorraine Ward born on 6 March 1915, was an Australian actress on stage, television, film, and radio announcer, performer, professional spokesperson, and media personality. During World War II, Ward, in high demand as a stage actress in England, worked in local theaters before returning to Australia.

  1. Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt

Age – 103 Years 

Marsha Hunt was born on 17 October 1917, she was the oldest celebrity in Hollywood, model, and activist, with a career spanning nearly 80 years. Hunt began her long career when she was just 17 years old. She was blacklisted by Hollywood film studio executives in the 1950s during McCarthyism.

  1. Elisabeth Waldo

Elisabeth Waldo

Age – 104 Years 

The oldest living celebrity today is Elisabeth Ann Dentzel born on 15 June 1918, is an American violinist, composer, songwriter, conductor, actress, and ethnomusicologist. Waldo had a lifelong interest in music and began playing the violin when she was just five years old.

  1. Caren Marsh-Doll

Caren Marsh-Doll

Age – 103 Years 

Karen Marsh Doll, also credited as Karen Marsh, is an American former stage and screen actress and dancer who specializes in modern dance and tap she was born on 6 April 1919 and is the oldest celebrity still alive from the Golden age of Hollywood. She is notable as Judy Garland’s stand-in in The Wizard of Oz and The Ziegfeld Girl in 1941.

  1. Nehemiah Persoff

Nehemiah Persoff

Age – 102 Years

Nehemiah Persoff born on 2 August 1919, was an American character actor and painter, and another 100-years-old celebrity still alive in 2022. He appeared in over 200 television series, films, and theater productions and worked as a voice actor in a career spanning 55 years.

  1. Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

Age – 101 Years 

Iris Apfel born on 29 August 1921, is an American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon, and above the 100-years-old celebrity still alive in 2021. Apfel had a career in the textile industry from 1950 to 1992, in business with her husband Carl, including a contract with the White House, during which she served nine terms.

  1. Betty White

Betty White

Age –  99 Years 

Betty Marion White was an American actress and comedian who was born on 17 January 1922, and she passed away on 31 December 2021. With a television career spanning nearly seven decades, White is recognized for her extensive work in the entertainment industry and as one of the first women to work in front of and behind the camera.

  1. William Daniels

William Daniels

Age – 95 Years 

On our list, William Daniels is an American actor and is one of the oldest celebrities alive was born on 31 March 1927. He is best known for his television roles, most notably as Mark Craig on the drama series St. Elsewhere, for which he won two Primetime Emmy Awards.

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Who Is The Oldest Celebrity On Earth?

At the age of 104, Marsha Hunt is currently the oldest living actor in the world. Hunt, who was born in Chicago, moved to New York when she was young and first began her career as a stage actress.

Who Is The Oldest Person Alive 2022?

A Venezuelan man has been recorded by the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living man. As of 17 May 2022, Juan Vincente Mora is a record-breaking 112 years and 355 days old, with his 113th birthday fast approaching.

Who Is The Richest Celebrity?

Actress and investor Jamie Gertz is the richest actor in the world. The ’80s star’s net worth is estimated to be $3 billion. She is the owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team and has acted in many films and TV series throughout her career.

Who Is The Most Famous Actor Ever?

Actually, based on science, Samuel L. Jackson is the most popular actor of all time, ever. According to a 2018 study published in Applied Network Science, using a wide range of metrics—including number of films, times appearing as top billing, and length of career—Jackson is peerless in the field.

Who Was The Last Living Golden Age Hollywood?

TORONTO (AP) — Marsha Hunt, one of the last surviving actors from Hollywood’s so-called Golden Age of the 1930s and 1940s who worked with performers ranging from Laurence Olivier to Andy Griffith in a career disrupted for a time by the McCarthy-era blacklist, has died. She was 104.

What Actor Is Almost 101 Years Old?

Olaf Pooley, at 101 years old, is the oldest living actor to have appeared on Star Trek. The Brit, who has lived in Los Angeles for many years now, also happens to be the oldest living actor to have appeared in Doctor Who.


From the above article, we share the details about the old famous actors and actress such as which year they were born and where they come from. All of the above celebrities were the best in their careers and maybe they were your and your grand parent’s favorite celebrities. On our list, Iris Apfel is the ultimate role model for Barbie with her singular style of vision, entrepreneurship, and independence, and she is the role model for all today’s celebrities. The above information was all about the oldest celebrities around the world.  

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Who is the oldest celebrity in the world

Who is the oldest living celebrity in the world?