Top 10 Oldest NBA Players In the world 

The current crop of oldest NBA players is actually relatively young, but there are still some who are still making an impact on NBA rosters. Everyone says age is just a number, but if you’re an NBA player, that number is very important. Do many peoples ask who is the oldest NBA player? In the 76 years since the National Basketball Association was founded on July 6, 1946, there have been more than 4,500 NBA players playing the game. So let’s start our today’s topic of the oldest NBA players.  

List Of 10 Oldest NBA Players 

In the following list of the oldest NBA players, here I mention some players’ names which are older according to their age. 

  1. Nat Hickey
  2. Robert Parish
  3. Kevin Willis
  4. Dikembe Mutombo
  5. Vince Carter
  6. Udonis Haslem
  7. Andre Iguodala
  8. Carmelo Anthony
  9. LeBron James
  10. Paul Millsap

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Top 10 Oldest NBA Players 

From the above list of the oldest NBA players, there are 10 players in NBA. without wasting any more time, let’s get more details about them.

  1. Nat Hickey

Nat Hickey

Age – 77 Years 

Nicholas J. Nat Hichey was a Croatian-American professional basketball coach, player, and baseball player. He was born on 30 January 1902 and passed away in 1979 and became the oldest NBA player ever. After retiring from full-time playing in 1942, he turned to basketball coaching but was occasionally active as a player for the teams he coached.

  1. Robert Parish

Robert Parish 

Age – 69 Years 

Who is the oldest player in the NBA?

Robert Lee Parrish is an American former professional basketball player who played 21 seasons as a center in the NBA, the second most in league history. He was born on 30 August 1953, and during his NBA career, he played 1,611 games and evolved the oldest NBA player.

  1. Kevin Willis

Kevin Willis

Age – 60 Years 

Kevin Alvin Willis is an American former professional basketball player primarily known for playing in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks. The oldest player in the NBA was born on 6 September 1962. He holds the record for most games played among non-inductees in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

  1. Dikembe Mutombo

Dikembe Mutombo

Age – 56 Years 

Dikembe Mutombo is a Congolese-American former professional basketball player who was born on 25 June 1966. Mutombo played 18 seasons in the NBA, outside of basketball, he is known for his humanitarian work. As a sophomore in his first year of college basketball, Mutombo once blocked 12 shots in a game.

  1. Vince Carter

Vince Carter

Age – 45 Years

Vincent Lamar Carter Jr, born on 26 January 1977, is an American retired professional basketball player who serves as a basketball analyst for ESPN. He primarily played the shooting guard and small forward positions, but occasionally played power forward during his NBA career.

  1. Udonis Haslem

Udonis Haslem

Age – 42 Years 

Udonis Johneal Haslem born on 9 June 1980, is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the NBA. He signed with his hometown Miami Heat in 2003 and has another the longest-tenured NBA player in Franchise history. He also won three NBA championships while playing for the Heat.

  1. Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala

Age – 38 Years 

Andre Tyler Iguodala is an American basketball player who plays for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. The oldest NBA player right now was born on 28 January 1984 and won four NBA championships with the Warriors and was named NBA Finals Most Valuable Player.

  1. Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

Age – 38 Years 

Carmelo Kyam Anthony born on 29 May 1984, is an American professional basketball player. He is the oldest current NBA player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. He has been named a ten-time NBA All-Star and a six-time All-NBA team member.

  1. LeBron James

LeBron James

Age – 37 Years

Do you know How old is Lebron James?

LeBron Raymone James Sr, born on 30 December 1984 is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. He is considered one of the greatest players of all time and has been compared to Michael Jordan among the greatest basketball players of all time.

  1. Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap

Age – 37 Years

Paul Millsap is an American basketball player who was born on 10 February 1985. He is one of the oldest current NBA players by age who played for the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA. Millsap has also played for the Denver Nuggets and Brooklyn Nets and is a four-time NBA All-Star.

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Who Was The Oldest NBA Player Of All Time?

In the 76 years since, there have been over 4,500 NBA players to play in a game. There has never been an older player than Nat Hickey, who still holds the record for oldest NBA player ever, set back in 1948. Hickey was 45 years and 363 days old.

What’s The Oldest You Can Be To Get Into The NBA?

Adam Silver in favor of lowering NBA age limit from 19 to 18 years old: ‘It’s the right thing to do’ The NBA’s current age limit to enter the draft is 19 years old, but that could change in the near future.

How Long Do NBA Players Live?

Regarding age of death of NBA players, we analyzed data for all active and former players and computed an unadjusted nonparametric estimation of the survival function. The estimated median age at death was 81.3 years (95% CI = 80.2–82.5 years).

Who Is The Youngest Person In The NBA?

Jalen Duren

Who is the youngest current player in the NBA? Jalen Duren is entering the 2022-23 season as the youngest player in the NBA. Drafted by the Detroit Pistons with the 13th overall pick in the 2022 draft, Duren is currently 18 years old.

Who Is The Most Famous Retired NBA Player?

Michael Jordan is widely known as the game’s greatest player—and for good reason. “MJ” accomplished everything possible in the game, piling up on the stats and awards. On the game’s biggest stage—the NBA Finals—Jordan went a perfect 6-for-6, also sweeping Finals MVP in his appearances.

Which NBA Player Has Played The Longest?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar retired in 1989 with a then-record of 20 seasons played. Kobe Bryant was the first guard to play 20 seasons. Karl Malone played all but one of his 19 seasons with Utah.


From the above article, we share the details about the NBA players such as where they are from and what is their age. Age matters in a professional athlete’s career, with many names on the list still in good form and on the path to further success. Middle-aged players are still common in big teams because of their skill and experience. High competition makes this tournament so attractive, let’s wait and see if these players create miracles in the future. The above information was all about the oldest NBA players.

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