Best Netflix Shows to Watch on Weekends

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Imagine it is a random Tuesday evening, you have just come back from work, the weather outside is freezing. You make yourself a cup of sizzling hot coffee, tuck yourself in bed and start binge watching the latest season of Virgin River. While doing that you thank the creators of Netflix, for turning your tiring Tuesday into a cozy one.

All of these little bundles of joy are possible because of the internet. This gift has evolved into a requirement in everyone’s life. Hence, it is important in a variety of domains. If you need to conduct research on a topic, for example, you will use the internet. If you are craving your favorite Chinese food, you will employ the internet.

Similarly, you would quickly gain access to the internet to entertain yourself. The internet makes it feasible to get a Netflix subscription or to view entertaining videos on YouTube. Moreover, you can now watch any movie or season on your smart TV at any time. The majority of American households have effectively been taken over by streaming services.

The best aspect is that all of these streaming services, especially Netflix, provide tens of thousands of titles. To stream these shows smoothly, all you need is a stable internet connection like the one provided by Xfinity and a smart device, and you are good to go. Coming back to the greatness of Netflix. It has a number of outstanding TV shows. However, which Netflix original series is the best?

It varies depending on whom you ask. The streaming platform offers it all: superheroes from comic books, romantic comedies, zombie sitcoms, and science fiction set in the 1980s.

There is an original for everyone, and the streaming service occasionally releases something that catches the eye of everyone. However, with so many unique possibilities, deciding which ones are worth your time can be difficult.

So, if you are trying to figure out which Netflix original show to watch next but are having trouble narrowing down your options, take a look at the 5 best Netflix series right now.

  1. Lost in space

This Netflix sci-fi offering may have gone unnoticed since it did not receive the same kind of attention, as some of the streamer’s other blockbuster originals. However, now is the ideal moment to binge-watch, as all the seasons of the show have been released.

Toby Stephens (Black Sails) and Molly Parker (House of Cards) star as a couple who embark on a colonizing mission in space with their children that quickly goes awry, leaving them stranded in space, as the title suggests. They will have to work together if they hope to survive and return to civilization, despite the dangers they will face along the road.

  1. Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is a huge hit with the public, and this is not surprising. Emily in Paris is without a doubt one of the best Netflix original series. The story follows Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), a Chicago marketing executive, as she takes a new job in Paris.

She finds love and excitement at every step as she navigates life as a foreign national. Emily juggles friendships, jobs, and romance throughout each season.

  1. The Witcher

This fantasy series, based on a best-selling series of books and a successful video game franchise, stars Henry Cavill. The stakes are enormous, but Cavill, who portrays Geralt, a mutant monster hunter, more than lives up to them.

It is no surprise that The Witcher has become one of Netflix’s most popular programs, with exotic animals, fast-paced action scenes, and plenty of strange and fantastic people. The Witcher is rich in mythology and history, but it moves far more fluidly than contemporary fantasy.

  1. Stranger things

Stranger Things is a throwback to Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter’s early 1980s films, and it feels both familiar and new. The first season follows Will, a little child who is kidnapped by a strange entity and stuck in a Poltergeist-like environment.

His mother enlists the help of the local sheriff to look into Will’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Will’s closest mates take to their motorcycles to do their own sleuthing and finally befriend an alien-like female with telepathic abilities.

  1. The Crown

The Crown is an intimate and broad look at Queen Elizabeth II’s ascent to the throne and the first few years of her reign. The indefatigable Winston Churchill, played by John Lithgow, is grappling with the ignominy of age as he nears the conclusion of his career. Despite his shortcomings, Churchill’s support and guidance for Elizabeth creates a significant emotional center around which numerous historical events revolve.

Wrapping up

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Netflix’s original programming selection has something for everyone. Therefore, you can spend your free time with your family enjoying delightful entertainment. This will not only build your relationship with your loved ones, but it will also provide your mind with the necessary relaxation.