Dealing with Car Turn Accidents on Your Motorcycle

Amanda Garcia

A left-hook collision is one of the most prevalent sorts of accidents that motorcycle riders can get into, especially here in Georgia. This typically occurs when drivers are not paying enough attention to the road. The left-hook collision, which is frequently witnessed at junctions, happens when a car takes a left turn but fails to yield to a motorcycle. If you have been in such an accident, you should consult a Savannah motorcycle accident lawyer immediately.

Understanding left-hook accidents

A left-hook collision happens when a car turns left without stopping for you, the motorcycle rider, in the approaching lane. This results in you being either cut off or struck by a car or truck turning left. If the car was driving slowly, you might simply get a few knocks and bruises. However, if the car was traveling at a high speed during the turn, you may sustain serious injuries.

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The consequences of a left-hook accident

If you are a responsible rider, you will wear as much protective gear as possible to avoid major injury. However, this is not always sufficient. The severity of injuries sustained in a left-hook collision varies greatly depending on the vehicle’s speed, force, and angle of impact.

Being cut off may lead you to slip and skid on the pavement. You will most likely sustain lacerations (deep cuts or tears in the skin) and major abrasions (gashes or scrapes) that can take weeks or months to heal. If not treated appropriately, lacerations and abrasions can get infections.

If the collision is forceful enough, you may experience shattered or fractured bones, as well as serious soft tissue injury. This can include fractured wrists or hips, broken arms or legs, and dislocated shoulders. To fully heal from severe injuries, orthopedic repair is required, as well as several months or more of physical therapy.

Left-hook accidents sometimes include the biker colliding with the car and being flung to the ground in an uncomfortable, violent hit or sequence of impacts. This can induce spinal cord injury, resulting in temporary or permanent paralysis.

A correctly fitting helmet provides great protection for your head. You might still sustain mild to major brain damage. Suppose you wear an improperly fitted helmet or do not wear one at all. In that case, you are more likely to sustain a traumatic brain injury, which can result in mental and physical damage, memory loss, coma, or even death.

Have you been in a left-hook accident?

Because these incidents can result in serious injury to the rider, it is best to contact an expert motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will assist you in gathering proof of your injuries, medical costs, and losses so that you may present your case in court. They will also manage the insurance companies on your behalf, so you do not have to settle for less or deal with the stress of attempting to recoup.