The Fool Proof Approach to Goal-Setting and Its Importance

Ronald Lewis

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The “ready, fire, aim” method of managing a job and life is failing to set goals. Therefore, if you’re persuaded that you should begin defining goals for your work, some goal-setting advice will be helpful.

Consider SMART goals as a kind of pc monitoring software that can assist you in meeting deadlines, working more productively, and staying focused on your top goals. The “ready, fire, aim” method of managing a job and life is failing to set goals.

Making sure your goals are realistic is easy with the smart goals method.

SMART goal-setting:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable/Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Using the following objective as an example, let’s look at the SMART technique: “Within the next three days, I will call five business contacts to network and seek job opportunities.”


A precise goal is easier for you to follow through on than a general one because it is well defined. Setting specific goals enables you to concentrate intently on your objectives and the means by which you will achieve them. It is not a clear objective to just state that I will search for work leads. There are many methods available for finding job leads. This overarching objective is non-specific. It gives you no instructions on how to accomplish the objective.

The original example has a very clear objective. It outlines a certain method (calling business contacts) for locating job leads. This objective provides you with all the information you need to reach your goal.

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You will be able to determine when a goal has been reached if it is measurable. Setting clear standards for achieving an objective enables you to track your progress and assess your level of achievement. A goal that says, “I’ll network and look for job leads by calling some business contacts” is not quantifiable. How many contacts in business do you need to make? How can you tell when you’ve succeeded in your mission?

The initial illustration is quantifiable. Once you have contacted five of your business connections, you will have succeeded in your goal.

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The following objective can be set by some: I’ll locate five excellent job leads in the coming week. Although the objective might seem doable at first, it is not one that you can absolutely achieve. The likelihood that you will discover five employment leads in the upcoming week is beyond your reasonable control. Even though you might be very successful at networking and looking for work, you still have little influence over the number of excellent job leads you discover in a given amount of time.

On the other hand, because the example objective is reachable, it serves as an illustration of smart goal planning. Whether it occurs or not is entirely under your power. You can fairly believe that calling business contacts will result in the desired consequence, which is discovering numerous excellent employment leads. You do not need to depend on the whims or good intentions of others to make sure that you call five business contacts.


In order to develop effective goals, you must consider what you are realistically willing and able to do to reach your objectives. In the following three days, I’ll give twenty business connections a call. Is that objective really achievable? Perhaps, depending on your identity. That could be a very achievable objective if you have a large network of contacts and you don’t fear business networking.

Calling twenty business connections might not be feasible for you if, like most people, the thought of business networking makes you shudder. Your target should be five if you are aware that the maximum you can handle in terms of reaching out to business contacts in search of job leads is five. Don’t set yourself up for failure, but do push yourself a little bit.


Smart goals that are timely have due dates. Setting deadlines keeps you from putting off tasks and helps you estimate how much time you have left to complete them. Your objective may be I’m going to phone five business associates. If you’re a procrastinator, you’ll recognize that goal’s difficulty right away. When are you going to give those calls? There’s no time limit requiring you to complete the assignment.

However, the example goal gives you a deadline. You are aware that you have three days to make the calls, and meeting this deadline will prevent you from falling into a pattern of putting things off.