What Is Triangle Tattoo Meaning and What Does It Symbolize?

Douglas Turner

triangle tattoo meaning

You should know Triangle Tattoo Meaning before have it on you. And If you are looking for a simple tattoo yet elegant especially when you are going to have the needles inked first time then my friend a triangle tattoo is the best choice. Although there are many variables in triangle tattoos here I will tell you what is the real meaning of a triangle tattoo.

What Is Triangle Tattoo Meaning?

The real meaning of a Triangle tattoo is associated with the number 3 as you know how the triangle is. The meaning can also vary people to people. Most commonly if you have siblings and you are 3 then it indicates the strong bond between you three. Also if you have 3 children then it symbolizes and reminds you of them. On the other hand, if you and your 2 friends have a strong bond and want to get inked together then triangle tattoos are the best.

Let us have a look at other meanings of the triangle tattoo

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Meaning Of Triangle Tatto Spiritually

Meaning Of Triangle Tatto Spiritually

Spiritually Triangle tattoo may refer to the Holy Trinity which is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, and represents that all trees are the one which is a Christian doctrine

Apart from this other religions have meanings like the three sides of a triangle representing three phases of the moon which are waxing, waning, and full moon.

Apart from this, a trinity is that the Three sides represent Mind, Body, and Spirit.

It also represents time that is past present and future.

Another 3 things it may refer to are creation, preservation, and destruction.

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Triangle Tatto In European Culture

Triangle Tatto In European Culture

Triangle tattoo symbols are very famous among European people and in these, the most common examples are triquetra and triskelion. Let us see the meaning of both tattoos

TheTriquetra is called a trinity ring or trinity knot also which are three arc shapes that form a triangle. This symbol mostly is used in architectural designs and artworks. It also symbolizes the three deities that are goddess Morrigan, the War/Battle goddess, and Fate.

The interlocking rings of Triquetra also represent the Sky, Earth, And and water

The Triskelion is a shape that is a spiral triangle and represents the artifacts from Celtic and Greek is referred to as the Greek Goddess of Crossroads, Light, and witchcraft that is Goddess Hecate.

The Pink Triangle Tatto

You may think that a Pink Triangle is a just common colored tattoo but no it has a meaning. As you can see now and noted on Wikipedia the pink triangle symbolizes LGBT community pride. 

The symbol was used by the Nazi regime to mark the people who were considered homosexual at that time. 

Male And Female in Triangle Tattoos

Yes, the triangle tattoos are also male and female this means that the tattoos are mostly inked by males and females. The triangle that is facing upwards is referred to as male as it represents masculinity and resembles the sward symbol like a phallic. It represents masculinity because it has a point upward and the triangle is wider at the base so it has better stability and balance. Traditionally it presents the man that has power.

Where when you see the other triangle that is faced downwards represents females as it is referred to and associated with a woman’s womb. It also represents Shelter and motherhood.

Famous Triangle Tattoos

Famous Triangle Tattoos

Here are 11 of the most loved triangle tattoos that are loved around the world. 

  1. Simple Triangle Tattoo
  2. Infinity Triangle Tattoo
  3. Two Triangles Tattoo
  4. Triangle Tree Tattoo 
  5. Triangle Feather Tattoo
  6. Triangle Wrist Tattoo
  7. Black Triangle Tattoo
  8. Open Triangle Tattoo
  9. Three Triangles In A Row
  10. Celtic Triangle Tattoo


Every tattoo has meaning and it may symbolise different things and sometimes different cultures have different symbols. Every tattoo is carved on different parts of the body depending on your own choice and will. If you are just going to get your first tattoo then a simple triangle tattoo is the best choice.


What Is The Meaning Of A Triangle Symbol?

The Triangle symbol represents the Holy Trinity and also time. 

In the Holy Trinity, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit are the three sides of the triangle.

Whereas in time it symbolizes the past, the present, and the future.

What Is An Upside-Down Triangle Tattoo?

The Upside down triangle is a symbol of balance and harmony.

What Is The Meaning Of An Infinite Triangle Tattoo?

The infinite Triangle Tattoo means Balance, Creativity, and Harmony.

What Is The Triangle With 3 Lines Tattoo?

The 3 lines of a triangle tattoo represent God, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.