What to Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident?

Patsy Patterson


When drivers around you are careless on the roads, motorbike crashes can happen. If you suffer injuries in a motorbike accident, you can start documenting your legal claim and protecting your rights at the place of the accident by taking specific actions.

Since Atlanta has many well-recognized accident lawyers, with some specializing in motorcycle accidents, you can seek help from them to take further action after an accident. These actions involve documenting each and every detail of the accident and speaking with an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer to take care of the insurance claim procedure while recovering in the hospital.

Let’s understand the specific action motorcycle bikers should take after an accident:

Things you should do immediately after a motorcycle accident!

  1. Reassure Your Safety

Protecting yourself and all those affected by motorbike accidents should come first after the accident. Try to find a safe spot separate from vehicles and use alert indicators and warning lights to draw the attention of other drivers.

  1. Get Medical Help

It’s important to get medical help after a motorbike accident, no matter whether you’re feeling fine or only have a few bruises. Certain injuries might not show up right away but might get worse with time. A diagnosis will assist in finding hidden injuries and getting started with the correct treatment.

  1. Record the Scene of the Accident

Take as many pictures of the accident scene as you can before leaving. Capture pictures of the accident scene that show the positioning of the cars, the state of the road, and any injuries that are clearly evident. Write down the details of the date, time, and weather. These specifics can turn out to be important proof in the future.

  1. Inform the Authorities

The police must be notified of any incident. They will set up a formal report describing what happened, which will be helpful in court cases and insurance inquiries. Therefore, collaboration and sharing of proper details with those in authority is recommended.

  1. Gather Details and Speak with your insurance provider.

Provide your insurance details and contact details to each person connected to the crash. Collect names and numbers for phone conversations, residences, license plate details, and numbers from driver’s licenses. Additionally, get the contact details of any eyewitnesses who were there because their proof might help you prove your case.

  1. Speak with an Attorney

Once you have all the documentation in the form of paperwork, videos, and pictures, you must hurry and talk to a professional lawyer as soon as possible. Doing this can help you get started with the legal procedure to claim your insurance.

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Hire a professional lawyer today!

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Claiming insurance after an accident requires someone to take care of it carefully, which a person cannot handle while admitted to the hospital. Hence, hire a lawyer to help you take care of it.