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Which is the Oldest Navy Seal? The United States Navy SEALs are one of the world’s most elite special operations forces, known for their rigorous physical and mental training programs. Becoming a Navy SEAL requires a high level of fitness, discipline, and mental toughness. It is an incredible feat for anyone to become a Navy SEAL, but some have accomplished this at an age when most people are already retired. In this blog, we will explore the top three oldest Navy SEALs on record.

List of 3 Oldest Navy Seal 

These all Oldest Navy Seal are 

  1. Jack L. Wigginton
  2. Roger Hayden
  3. Bill Dawson

Top 3 Oldest Navy Seal 

Let us now know about the above-mentioned Oldest Navy Seal

  1. Jack L. Wigginton

Jack L. Wigginton is the oldest Navy SEAL on record. He enlisted in the Navy at the age of 28 and became a Navy SEAL at the age of 42, after completing SEAL training in 1983. He served in the Vietnam War and received numerous awards and commendations for his service, including the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and the Purple Heart. Wigginton retired from the Navy in 1991 at the rank of Commander.

  1. Roger Hayden

Roger Hayden is another remarkable Navy SEAL who completed SEAL training at an advanced age. He enlisted in the Navy at the age of 24 and became a SEAL at the age of 38, after completing SEAL training in 1980. He served in the Vietnam War and was awarded the Bronze Star with a “V” device for valor in combat. Hayden retired from the Navy in 1990 with the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer.

  1. Bill Dawson

Bill Dawson is the third-oldest Navy SEAL on record. He enlisted in the Navy in 1990 and served as an aviation electrician’s mate before trying out for the Navy SEALs at the age of 38. He completed SEAL training in 2007 and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Dawson retired from the Navy in 2015 after 25 years of service.

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What Is The Age Limit For A Navy Seal?

Applicants must be at least 19 years of age and commissioned before their 42nd birthday at the time of commissioning.

What Is The Oldest To Join Seals?

Navy SEALs Qualifications

All SEAL candidates are required to meet the following qualification standards and pass the PST: 18-28 years old (17 with parental permission) and A U.S. citizen. High school graduate (or meet High-Performance Predictor Profile criteria).

Who Is The Oldest Navy Seal To Go Through Buds?

Van Hooser went through BUD/S when he was 36 and served 26 years as a Navy SEAL. He was later killed in a mission in Afghanistan! A statue was brought up in his memory! There was a man that quit BUD/S when he was 19 because his fiance didn’t want him to be a Navy SEAL.

Can You Be A Navy Seal At 50?

Meet the minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score: GS+MC+EI=170 or VE+MK+MC+CS=220 or VE+AR=110 MC=50. Be 28 years of age or younger. Pass a physical examination required for divers. Be a U.S. citizen and eligible for security clearance.


In conclusion, becoming a Navy SEAL is an incredible achievement that requires a high level of fitness, discipline, and mental toughness. Jack L. Wigginton, Roger Hayden, and Bill Dawson are examples of individuals who were able to complete SEAL training at an advanced age and go on to serve their country with distinction. Their stories are a testament to the fact that age is just a number and that with hard work, dedication, and perseverance, anything is possible.


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