What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Atlanta, Georgia?

Amanda Garcia

In Atlanta, Georgia, getting involved in a motorcycle accident can affect your health physically, financially, and mentally. However, if you approach the right adviser, you will be able to face the complex aftermath of a motorcycle accident. As a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, you must seek assistance from the LawBike Motorcycle Injury Lawyers and discuss your motorcycle accident case. However, with a thorough discussion, you will completely understand what you should do after a motorcycle accident in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Seek medical attention.

If you get involved in a motorcycle accident, the first thing you must do is prioritize your safety. Step aside the road and check for any injuries and slight pain in your joints. If you think that your injuries are severe, consider seeking medical attention immediately. If you think that your injuries are not severe and you can deal with them later, stay on the accident scene.

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2. Gather evidence.

Once you are sure that your injuries can be dealt with later, dial 911 and give them your location. When the cops arrive, they start collecting evidence against the at-fault party. Start by taking pictures of your injuries, then move on to taking pictures of the at-fault party, his/her vehicle, number plate, license number, and insurance details. Look around for CCTV cameras and eyewitnesses who are willing to give their statements.

3. File a police report.

After gathering all the evidence:

  1. Stay on the scene and wait for the cops to arrive.
  2. Once they arrive, file a report against the at-fault party and provide them with a copy of all the evidence you have.
  3. After filing your report, make sure you take a picture of it.
  4. Contact your attorney and insurance company and notify them about your accident.

4. Meet with your attorney.

After filing a report, consider making an appointment with your motorcycle accident attorney. Discuss your case with him/her. If your attorney is well-experienced and has a good track record, he/she will make sure to document all your evidence and make a strong case. Your attorney will discuss all the legal obligations and options with you and prepare a strategy to make sure that you are compensated properly.

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5. Make sure to follow your post-treatment.

As mentioned above, you should prioritize your safety; hence, you must follow your post-treatment instructions. Do not skip your routine checkups; follow all the given instructions, and give your best to recover quickly. In addition, do not hesitate to visit a therapist if you are going through some trauma.

Consult an attorney as soon as possible!

Motorcycle accidents can be complex and affect your health mentally and physically; therefore, if you get involved in a motorcycle accident, consider consulting your attorney immediately.