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Debating whether to pursue your master’s degree in the US after your undergrad? Well, this article will help you give some insights on why you should consider taking up a master’s degree from the US. Sire, India has a fair collection of universities and colleges that have global recognition, but getting into these universities isn’t a cakewalk. Moreover, the options are very limited if you want to pursue your higher education in a field that’s not conventional or mainstream like engineering or medicine. A lot of Indian students have started to look for educational opportunities outside of their homeland. That said, if you are planning to study abroad, the list below mentions the top five reasons to pursue masters in US.

  1. Globally-recognized degree

The United States of America has some of the best collections of universities and colleges whose degrees are accepted in the major parts of the world. As an undergraduate wanting to pursue your master’s from abroad, you have endless options in terms of tuition fees, scholarship opportunities, cultural diversity on the campus, accommodation facilities, etc. All of these factors mentioned, however, come secondary, as primary education is what helps you secure your dream job. A lot of countries, despite providing excellent educational benefits to their international students, don’t receive a lot of attention because their degrees are not globally recognized. By choosing to take up your higher education in the US, you won’t have to worry about changing your job location, as the degrees are recognized globally.

  1. Excellent quality of education

Most Indian graduates choose to take up master’s from abroad because of the lack of educational and research opportunities in their niche. Choosing to pursue your master’s from abroad allows you to choose your subjects according to your educational niche. Most students choose to take up a master’s from abroad due to two main reasons. First, they don’t get ample opportunities in their field of choice and are told to settle for below-average colleges and universities. Secondly, they are unable to clear national-level competitive exams that provide seats to only the top one percent of the aspiring population. Choosing to take up your master’s degree from abroad is an excellent alternative for people wanting to make their career successful, as most colleges in the USA do not compromise their quality of education. If you want to build your career in a field that isn’t conventional or mainstream like robotics, game development, or music theory, the chances of finding colleges in your home country are slim. Even if you get lucky in finding a few colleges in your homeland, the competition would be sky-high. In such a situation, you can choose to take up your master’s from abroad and build your career in the field of your choice.

  1. Case-based study material

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There are multiple reasons why so many people are against the idea of rote learning, something that has been practiced and normalized in Indian institutions. The majority of educational institutions abroad believe in engaging students of different ideas in discussions of real-life scenarios, which helps them see the same situation from multiple perspectives, while the teaching staff acts as facilitators. By engaging students of different financial, social, and religious backgrounds, the discussions become ten times more informative and fulfilling. Such teaching methods provide a safe learning space for everyone by making sure that everyone gets the chance to put their point across. Instead of dismissing each other’s opinions, case-based interactions help to create empathy among students of different financial, social, and geographical backgrounds. This is especially helpful for students pursuing their careers in international relations and policies, as these interactions help them become better diplomats and understand policies better.

  1. Fluency in English

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One of the major concerns of aspirants looking for educational opportunities abroad is the language barrier. While a lot of countries provide additional benefits for international students, like student incentives, reduced tuition fees, and easier accommodation, they fail to attract a lot of international students due to the language barrier. Settling in a new country for your education is already challenging enough, the task of learning a new language can get extremely overwhelming. The US is an excellent choice to pursue your master’s because you won’t have to worry about facing any language barrier, which makes the entire process ten times easier. You wouldn’t have to waste your time learning a new language and can interact with your peers and teachers from the start. Doing daily chores like going to the supermarket, asking strangers for directions, and making small talk is easier when you don’t have any language barrier.

  1. Boosts self-confidence and builds an international circle

The entire process of leaving your old social circle and building a new group of friends, all while managing the stress of performing well in your studies, is challenging as an adult. Your first few weeks moving to a new country for your higher education will pass in facing a lot of cultural shocks, which might seem difficult at first. But once you learn to accept these cultural shocks and incorporate them into your daily lifestyle, the process of moving and settling in a new place becomes ten times easier. The struggle, however, doesn’t end once you move to the country of your choice and learn to embrace the cultural shocks, as you face the pressure of fitting in the culture and building your social circle from scratch. All of these challenges push you outside of your comfort zone and help you develop real-life skills.

This ends our list of the top five reasons why you should consider the US for getting a master’s degree with Jamboree India. There’s no doubt that India has a fair collection of universities and colleges, but the chances of getting into the top Indian educational institutions seem very challenging if you consider the total population of the country. Choosing to take up MS in regulatory affairs in the USA is an excellent option, as the country offers great scholarship and employment opportunities in this sector. You can learn more about the admission process in foreign universities and colleges on our platform.